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About Us

Distance Education Programmed was started in 2009 with the objective of bringing education to all those who seek it at a place, pace and time of their own choosing, and to inculcate the spirit of life-long learning, at an affordable cost. This beautifully fits into the vision of our founding fathers. Over a period of time, thousands of students have benefited in diverse fields of Education, IT & Management, Engineering, Paramedical, Bio-Technology, Science & Humanities from certification up to post-graduate programmed.

"Education make a man" The education imparted at Dogma Distance covers four critical facets of human personality with the objective to maximize development: Knowledge, Emotion, Conduct and Physical Development.

Apart from the values of equality, liberty, fraternity, secularism and social justice, we also incorporate in our system our traditional spiritual and cultural values, considering that education of Arts / Science and Culture / Spiritualism should co-exist and complement each other. Our education is thus co-ordination oriented.


• To achieve excellence in IT Industry with Operations, Planning, Management, Computer Education and Accreditation throughout the India.
• To Computerised all Educational Institute of India by our Brand Product CICCA.
• To become the 'Talent Magnet' in Distance Education, ITI and other aspects of Education.
• To boost Computer Education in India.


• To make a difference in everything we do.
• To do everything on or before time.
• To deliver quality & do more than what the clients expect.
• To deliver quality & do more than what the clients expect.
• To bring the power of our advice and the strengths of our relationships to create enhanced value and wealth for our clients.

The Dogma seeks to provide:

• the highest quality transfer education through comprehensive curricula and the use of the most current technology, allowing for transfer to four-year colleges and universities;
• the highest quality technical and career-oriented education through selected degree and certificate programs which use the most current technology, preparing students for immediate entry into a career;
• innovative student-centered teaching and support services to foster students' personal and social development;
• continuing and community education programs and courses in varied schedules, at varied locations, and with varied modes of instruction for credit or without;
• academic advising, career/employment services, transfer services, counseling services, tutoring services, and an array of extra and co-curricular activities;
• customized training and retraining for business and industry;
• Workforce education programs for persons displaced from their jobs or unemployed.

Goals and Objectives

Goal I

provide a series of relevant general education courses for all study Centers.


• insure that general education courses enable students to develop:
• critical thinking and problem solving skills
• effective communication skills
• values and ethical standards
• the ability to use modern technology
• an awareness of and concern about the ethical implications of institutional policies and individual practices
• an expanded awareness of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a world community
• the ability to understand, communicate with, respect, and live harmoniously in a diverse society
• an understanding of themselves - their abilities, interests, and personalities
• an awareness of the diverse forces that shape their world and themselves in order to keep pace with the changing society

Goal II

Provide transfer programs and courses for students who want to continue their education at four-year study centers.


• meet the specific needs of transfer students
• ensure the academic standards for transfer are reviewed and maintained through the offering of a range of technical and professional programs
• continue to add to the existing articulation and dual admissions agreements with four-year study center both within and outside the state
• maintain an open avenue of communication among faculty, counselors, and administrators at the institutions involved

Goal III

Provide professional development programs to ensure excellence in teaching learning processes.


• develop in-service programs which explore and implement new pedagogy and technology
• provide a wide variety of professional development programs supporting individual, departmental, and center wide professional development

Goal IV

Provide support services for all study center.


• provide orientation for study center and their families
• provide academic, career, and personal intervention counseling
• provide activities that promote personal and social growth and development such as multi cultural activities, wellness programs, and athletics
• explore new ways to assist study center in financial need who do not qualify for established programs
• provide job placement services as required

Goal V

Provide opportunities for life long learning and personal enrichment.


• use community-based physical, financial, and human resources available to complement those within the College
• provide educational, cultural, and recreational activities for the Dogma Distance community
• provide technological education